Runway 17R/35L Rehabilitation – DFW International Airport

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Airfield Electrical Engineering for various electrical and FAA systems supporting the 13,400’ Runway 17R-35L. Our scope of work is broken out into the various subsystems shown below: Runway Status Lights – The scope of work here was to replace all the Takeoff Hold Lights (THL’s) and Runway Entrance Lights (REL’s) supporting … Read More

Runway 18R/36L Rehabilitation – DFW Airport

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Airfield Electrical Engineering for the Reconstruction of the 13,400’ Runway 18R-36L. The scope of work was to redesign the Airfield Electrical System from parallel Taxiway C, to parallel Taxiway E, including all cross Taxiways in between. The Runway design included installing new lights along the entire length of the runway, including … Read More

Airfield Lighting Improvements, Generators and Generator Buildings at Ellington Field Airport (HAS 588)

Location: Houston, Texas Provided electrical, security and communications engineering services. The project scope included designing two (2) new generator buildings to replace five (5) existing generator buildings. New power will be distributed throughout the airfield for lighting, signage and Nav-Aids from the new generator buildings. New regulators will be installed. The existing S1 cut-outs will … Read More

Gillespie County Airport

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas Provided the electrical airfield engineering services for replacement of the existing MIRL’s and Threshold lights, infrastructure, regulator and controls. Also included was replacement of the primary windcone with new internally illuminated windcone and addition of new supplemental windcone. A new helipad was added to an extended apron with taxiway edge lights with … Read More

Fort Worth Alliance Airport

Location: Fort Worth, Texas Provided the electrical design for modifications to the signage, beacon and lighting control system. The signage design included replacement of approximately 45 existing airfield guidance signs with new guidance signs. This improvement will occur over 2 phases. Phase 1 will include the replacement of approximately 20 signs and phase 2 will … Read More

Lone Star Executive Airport

Location: Conroe, Texas Provided the electrical airfield engineering services for the airfield project. The project consisted of a 1500 LF runway 14 extension and parallel taxiway, reconstruction of the existing T/W ‘A’, reconstruction of T/W ‘D’ to make true parallel to r/w 1-19, relocation and addition of existing 2-PAPI and new 4-PAPI and FAA navigational … Read More

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas FY2013 – Electrical ImprovementsProvided the electrical engineering services for the upgrade to the existing Surface Movement Guidance Control System (SMGCS) equipment including replacement of all in-pavement and elevated Runway Guard Lights (RGL’s) with new LED fixtures and the addition of a new windcone. In addition, all RGL regulators were replaced, RFID … Read More

George Bush Intercontinental Airport – GBIA

Location: Houston, Texas HAS 522F – Electrical Vault and Security Fence for new Runway 8L-26R – GBIATelecommunications Engineer. Provided the telecommunication engineering services to relocate all existing communications systems from the existing North Vault to the New North Vault. The communication systems include security, Airfield lighting, data, telephone, fire alarm and remote monitoring systems. New … Read More