Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

FY2013 - Electrical Improvements

Provided the electrical engineering services for the upgrade to the existing Surface Movement Guidance Control System (SMGCS) equipment including replacement of all in-pavement and elevated Runway Guard Lights (RGL's) with new LED fixtures and the addition of a new windcone. In addition, all RGL regulators were replaced, RFID tags were installed in the fixtures and the electronic monitoring system was removed. There were a total of 1,252 IPRGL fixtures and 80 ERGL fixtures. The estimated construction cost is approximately $5 million.

FY2012 - Rehabilitate Airfield Pavements

Provided electrical engineering services for the rehabilitation and expansion of shoulder pavement to accommodate Group VI aircraft for Taxiway ‘WK’, ‘WL’ and ‘WM’ from Taxiway ‘C’ to Taxiway ‘G’; rehabilitate pavement on Taxiway 'F' from Taxiway ‘WK’ to Taxiway ‘WM’. The design included replacing the existing edge lights and associated conduit and cables. In addition, the regulators were replaced.

FY2011 - Rehabilitate Airfield Pavements

Provided the electrical engineering services for the pavement rehabilitation project. Services included replacing existing taxiway edge lights, base cans and associated infrastructure for Taxiway 'Y' and Taxiway 'Z' as well as several in-pavement runway and taxiway centerline lights and cans where needed to facilitate pavement modifications. Phase 2 services included extension of T/W 'WF' to the apron area. Electrical design services included edge, centerline, RGL bars, lighted signage, regulator modifications and upgrades to the ALCMS. The electrical construction cost for Phase 1 was $6.2 million and for Phase 2 was $6.7 million.