Location: Conroe, Texas

Provided the electrical airfield engineering services for the airfield project. The project consisted of a 1500 LF runway 14 extension and parallel taxiway, reconstruction of the existing T/W 'A', reconstruction of T/W 'D' to make true parallel to r/w 1-19, relocation and addition of existing 2-PAPI and new 4-PAPI and FAA navigational systems. The FAA navigational system design includes relocation of the Glide Slope, MALSR, Inner Marker, DME Antenna, ASOS, relocation of the Localizer Building and Localizer antenna array. Other services include re-balancing of the existing airfield lighting circuits, additional and replacement of lighted signage, replacement and additional of the windcones and modification of the existing R/W 14-32 MIRL's to HIRL's. In addition, this project involved work in the 100 year floodplain including wetland mitigation. The overall construction cost is estimated at $10.6 million.