Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Provided the electrical design for modifications to the signage, beacon and lighting control system. The signage design included replacement of approximately 45 existing airfield guidance signs with new guidance signs. This improvement will occur over 2 phases. Phase 1 will include the replacement of approximately 20 signs and phase 2 will replace approximately 25 signs. The existing rotating beacon tower was demolition and a new L-801A rotating beacon tower designed at new location on the northeast end of the airfield complex. The design services for the ALRCS include a complete replacement of the existing pushbutton system. The new system included a touch screen and monitoring of field devices. In addition, new fiber optic cable was installed from the electrical vault to the ATCT building for support of the ALRCS. The ALRCS design provided for expansion capability since the R/W was planned for expansion over the next 5 years. The ALRCS system design included SMGCS for compliance with FAA requirements.

Provided the electrical airfield engineering services for the addition of new in-pavement RGL fixtures at 2 new taxiway locations and provided modifications to the existing in-pavement and elevated RGL system to make operational to meet the FAA criteria. The existing system was not operational. Modifications included de-coupling the circuits and replacement of components. Also included with this project was the replacement of the existing 4-papi and associated regulator and upgrades to the ALCMS system. The estimated electrical construction cost is $1 million.