School of Nursing and Student Community Center

Houston, Texas

Electrical Engineer. Provide telecommunication engineering services for a 194,000 square-foot high rise building. The building is very unique in that it is all raised flooring. The building will be a certified LEED building. LEED certification is for very high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The telecommunication services include singlemode fiber connection to an existing WAN. Hybrid singlemode and multimode cable and 900pr copper tie to an existing telephone switch in an adjacent building. Building riser cables include multimode fiber and copper cables from the MDF Room to each IDF Room. The building consisted on two telecommunication closets on each floor for 1-8 floors. All telephone and data cables terminated in the data rack patch panels so that they could be used interchangeably. The building included wireless technologies in several areas including the auditorium, cafeteria, student study areas and public areas. The building will be used as a teaching facility for Nursing and Biomedical Sciences. Amenities include a cafeteria, bookstore, auditorium, classrooms, offices and laboratory areas.