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Lighting & Electrical
Ferguson Consulting, Inc provides Roadway Lighting and Electrical System Design Services for roadways, expressways and toll facilities. The services include roadway lighting, high mast lighting, underpass lighting, closed-circuit television (CCTV), toll facilities and associated equipment buildings.

Office Buildings
The University of Houston, Downtown Campus, Houston, Texas
University of Houston
Provided the electrical engineering for the project. The building consisted of 4 stories with a total of 98,000 square foot. The construction cost was estimated at 18 million dollars. The building included classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, faculty/administrative offices and associated support and circulation spaces. The electrical system included distribution and branch style panelboards, a main distribution switchboard and a diesel fueled 350KW generator. This building is an extension of the downtown campus. The fire alarm system, building automation, security, data network and telephone systems tied back to the main campus.

University of Texas Health Science Center - Nursing and Biomedical Sciences Building - Houston, Texas University of Texas

Electrical Engineer. Provide electrical engineering services for a 194,000 square-foot high rise building. The building is very unique in that it is all raised flooring. The building will be a certified LEED building. LEED certification is for very high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The electrical engineering services include power distribution, lighting distribution, fire alarm system design. Bus risers will be used to serve power to the building, PV cells will be located on the building roof for energy savings. The building will be used as a teaching facility for Nursing and Biomedical Sciences. Amenities include a cafeteria, bookstore, auditorium, classrooms, offices and laboratory areas. The construction cost was around $21 million.

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East Belt Tollway - Main Plaza - Houston, Texas
East Belt Main Plaza
Provided the electrical engineering services for the East Belt of the Sam Houston Tollway. The design included the addition of a new 6-lane toll plaza consisting of three (3) AVI, two (2) ACM and one (1) manned booth, five (5) sets of entrance/exit ramp toll plazas consisting of EZ TAG and ACM and two (2) entrance/exit ramp toll plazas consisting of EZ TAG only. Construction Costs estimated at $20 million.

Also included is an EZ Tag Store - electrical engineering services for the addition of 21 DMS signs, 57 CCTV locations, 19 smart centers and 5 AVI locations. The construction cost for this portion was estimated at $24 million.

Ft Bend Parkway - Houston, Texas
Provided the electrical engineering for a new parkway extending the existing Ft Bend Parkway at Chasewood to US Hwy 90 for approximately 29,600 lineal feet. The electrical scope includes roadway, ramp and underpass lighting design. Also included were several high mast fixtures.

Downtown Hallettsville Streetscape Renovation - Hallettsville, Texas
Provided the electrical engineering for the renovation of a nine area block located in Downtown Hallettsville. The electrical scope included the design of new architectural street lighting to achieve a minimum foot-candle level of 0.2fc and a average level of 0.5fc. New electrical service was required at four locations in downtown and lighting controls were designed to control the lighting. The lighting included approximately 68 architectural pole lights.

Ft Bend Tollway - Houston, Texas
Provided the electrical engineering and closed circuit television design services for a new tollway facility located on Fort Bend Parkway. The facility consists of one Automatic Coin Machine (ACM)/EZ tag lane and two EZ tag only lanes with future expansion to include an additional ACM/EZ tag lane. The electrical scope included the design of the toll facility equipment rooms located on each side of the tollways, utility service entrance, canopy lighting, connection of all toll facility equipment and conduit pathways as well as generator and UPS power to the equipment.

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City Beautification
Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail - Bagby to Sabine - Houston, Texas
Provided the electrical engineering for beautification of buffalo bayou from Bagby to Sabine. The project consisted of the addition of lighted walkways, lighted bridge over the bayou, under bridge lighting, lighted bayou entrances and stairways. The electrical scope consisted on first, second and third order lighting, four points of electrical services, bridge and tree conduit/lighting systems, a lighting control system and irrigation power. The project is approximately mile in length and located on both sides of the bayou.

Uptown Shelters - Houston, Texas
Electrical Engineer. Designed the electrical requirements for 35 new bus shelters to be located in the Uptown Area of Houston, Texas. The shelter design included uplighting for a nighttime glow, lighting controls and disconnect. The shelter construction cost is estimated at $ . The site electrical requirements included panelboard, controls, disconnect conduit and cabling to connect to existing landscaping or other exterior light sources. The design was provided at 35 separate locations in the Houston Uptown Area.

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